Burdock Tank Terminal Services BV as a marine logistics company, has demonstrated consistency, expertise, and professionalism, since her involvement in Oil and Gas Logistics and has since built the reputation, capacity, a strong customer base and an admirable record of excellent performance in the sector.

In view of these facts, Burdock Tank Terminal Services BV is now positioned as a first-choice oil and gas logistics partner for all the Oil & Gas Majors, IOCs, NOCs, EPCs EPCIC companies operating in the Upstream, Mid-Stream and Downstream sectors.

Our core competencies as a marine logistics company include Drilling Rig Moves, Procurement, Marine Agency Services, Supply Base Management, Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Services. These services are integral to our portfolio of Oil and Gas/Marine logistics solutions and our commitment to excellence is constantly re-enforced to fully and promptly serve the needs of all clients in this segment.