Our activities are not only economically relevant for our companies, they also have ecological and social effects.

Therefore, for us, responsible corporate governance means ensuring our company’s future viability and strong reputation by pursuing a “beyond-compliance” approach and integrating the expectations of our stakeholders into our business activities.

Because we are aware of the potential impact of our business activities on people and the environment, we seek to integrate the principle of sustainable development in all our activities. Our sustainability management focuses on Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE). It is thus based on the activities covered by the Group Function HSSE & Sustainability. As part of the reorganization at Marquard & Bahls, the Operating Units have been given greater responsibility. At Oiltanking, sustainability was defined as a “key enabler” and corresponding roles and responsibilities were created. At Mabanaft and Skytanking, roles and responsibilities will also be defined in the future as part of their strategies. All larger Marquard & Bahls companies, especially Oiltanking and Skytanking, have local HSSE managers whose areas of responsibility often include issues related to sustainability. Within the HSSE & Sustainability Group Function, there is a separate Sustainability team that pools and develops the relevant activities while working closely with the Operating Units, local managers and other Group Functions. Sustainability issues are reported directly to the CEO through the Head of the Group Function HSSE & Sustainability.